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Our Areas of Experitse


1.Heterogeneous & Homogeneous Reactor - Fluidized, Bed, Tubular
2. Distillation & Absorption Column
3. Evaporators
4. Crystallizers
5. Falling Film Evaporators
6. Rising Film Evaporators
7. Cyclone Separators
8. Vibrating Screen
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1. Dryers - Spray Dryers, Freeze Dryers, Fluidised bed dryers, etc.
2. Conveyors
3. Ovens, Conveyor ovens
4. Filteration & Screening
5. Mixers and Juicers plants
6. Falling film evaporators
7. Vibrating screen
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1.Formaldehyde Project
2. Resin Plant
3. Solvent recovery system
4. Hexamine Plant
5. Herbal Oil Extract Plant
6. Essential Oil Extraction Plant
7. Distillation Plant
8. Absorption Plant
9. Water Treatment
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Some of our Projects

We love to work on projects or products with out of the box solutions for any product possible or any issue that is troubling the client or a replacement to an old technique or part. At S.S. FABRICATION, we focus more on the R&D of the machines and products.

Batch Drying Oven

Drying oven with blower and PID Controllers,temperature controllers and suitable sensors are manufactured. MOST PRESTIGIOUS AND HONOURABLE PRODUCT IS OUR INVENTION AND DESIGN OF A NEW TYPE OF PRODUCTION LINE AND METHOD TO PREPARE TEAR SMOKE GAS in

High temperature Muffle furnace

High temperature Muffle Furnces with temperature upto 1500 degrees are manufactured by S.S. Fabrication with set of temperature controller and PID Controller and suitable sensors,etc.

High Temperature Bogie Hearth furnace

High temperature Bogie Hearth Furnaces with temperature upto 1500 degrees are manufactured by S.S. Fabrication with set of temperature controller and PID Controller and
suitable sensors,etc.

Falling Film Evaporators

A falling film evaporator is an industrial device to concentrate solutions, especially with heat sensitive components. The evaporator is a special type of heat exchanger.

Herbal Extraction Plants

Equipped with lab facility to conduct sponsored research and undertakes various turnkey projects for setting up Herbal Extraction Plants. We have good access to literature and also have a qualified, highly experienced and result oriented research scientist in our team. We have also a team of senior chemist and engineers who striving hard to
develop newer technology herbal extraction plants as per the requirement of the time.

Formaldehyde Plant

Formaldehyde is the oxidation/dehydrogenation product of methanol with oxygen in the presence of silver
catalyst. A fixed quantity of methanol and water is introduced into a mixing vessel, from where this mixture is taken into evaporator
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