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I only get to sleep for 3-4 hours!!

Ohh Man, I don’t really have the luxury of working out!!

Sorry, sweetheart, I can’t attend the family dinner, I am busy!!

I am too busy to eat healthy and keep a track of my calories!  Blah blah blah 

Ever since I started taking my health and fitness seriously, I always suggest all my friends and closed ones to the same. And the above mentioned one liners are some of the mockery I hear in return. 

Most of my friends from IIT took great pride in saying that they were too busy to look after themselves. They were so busy building the next gen tech, startup, innovations that spending an hour on their well being seemed like an insult to their JEE rank and IITian degree. 

Well, I don’t blame them. I also used to think like that for the major part of my life due to the social conditioning. I took pride in my academic and professional achievements and the personal sacrifices I made for them. I wore the fact that I slept less in order to achieve great milestones in my academic life and then in my professional life, when I started working on a startup building innovation on the Internet of things. We have been conditioned to make ourselves feel important by keeping ourselves too busy to have time for ourselves or our loved ones.

But soon my bubble burst and the so-called cool, happening, busy lifestyle of a so-called IITian that I had been embracing came crashing down and I suffered a serious health crisis. I started to have serious gastric issues due to screwed up lifestyle, sleeping patterns and eating habits. I also suffered depression due to loss in my personal life. I had to bear the pain of getting an endoscopy, colonoscopy done. It was borderline ulcer. And the doctor warned me that if I didn’t mend my ways, I would suffer much more. 

It was a wake call for me and I pledged to myself to my physical and mental well being my first priority. 

Since, then I follow a very healthy lifestyle. Practice holistic fitness, eat healthy, do yoga asans, pranayaam, take ayurvedic concoctions frequently. 

What I learnt some three years ago in my life, many of my friends and most of the world is learning now due to the outbreak of CORONA. That health (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) is the true wealth. And no matter how much money, you have in your bank accounts, how many fancy cars, exotic mensions you have, all of it doesn’t give you a dime of a pleasure, if you are unwell. 

Just imagine, can you go for a hike in an exotic location in a fancy resort if you’re feeling sick to your knees or having severe stomach ache? Think Think!!

The outbreak of CORONA is a blessing in disguise if we look at it from that perspective. Because now the world is realising the importance of practicing holistic fitness and a lifestyle that boosts our immunity instead of putting it in jeopardy. People have started Googling “immune boosters, immune booster capsules, best immune booster capsules, buy immunity booster capsules, how to improve immunity, ayurvedic ways to improve immunity, health supplements, immuno booster,” etc etc. 

The entire global community is trying to find ways to boost their immunity via all kinds of immunity boosters. Mankind is taking refuge in our thousands of years of old cumulative and traditional knowledge of Ayurveda. 

The sale of ginger and turmeric are on the rise in the global market. Ministry of AYUSH

 is also doing a great job creating awareness about simple, traditional ways of boosting immunity like :

  1. Nasal Oil Application
  2. Oil Pulling Therapy
  3. Drinking Herbal Tea, Golden Milk
  4. Incorporating Turmeric, Cumin etc in our cooking 
  5. Drinking water water throughout the day etc etc 
  6. Practicing Yoga, Pranayam, Jal Neti etc daily

While all of these are most effective ways to boost immunity but still there are genuinely busy people, who might not be able to practice them for a wide range of reasons. 

For all such people and others as well VYORA HERBALS creates specially crafted ayurvedic, natural, and organic immunity booster capsules, immunity booster supplements that are devoid of any harmful chemicals. 

We make these products like a mother makes an ayurvedic concoction with all the love, care and traditional knowledge for her children so that they remain healthy and fit. 

The founders of VYORA understand the value of the treasure of this traditional knowledge and how consuming natural, healthy, organic nutritional food can boost our immunity, fitness and quality of life. 

At the same time they understand the lack of such products in the market and hence to meet the demand of such high quality natural products they founded VYORA HERBALS. The quality of our immunity boosters is unmatched. Our clients vouch for our quality and consider them to be the best immune booster capsules and health supplements in the market. 

Make your life easier and body more immune, buy immunity booster capsules, and best quality health supplements on

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