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2020-2021 hasn’t really been the best of the years. The entire humanity is facing one of the biggest crises of modern times, the Coronavirus pandemic. The crisis has forced us to take a pause, reflect, introspect, learn the lessons, mend our ways (both as an individual and society) and move on. While it seems pretty easy to write, it is pretty darn difficult when it comes to practice. The COVID-19 pandemic has been emotionally, physically and mentally taxing for most of us who had become quite used to the non-stop entertainment kind of lifestyle. Many of us have lost our jobs, reported huge losses, got separated from family, lost a loved
one and haven’t even been able to attend the funeral, got infected with Coronavirus, got stranded in a distant place and what not. Overall, the year 2020 has taken us for a ride to hell and back.
The list is long.. This is probably a time when most of the people in the world are going through some kind of anxiety, depression or mental pressure. The financial constraints, relationships falling apart and continuous failure to make both ends meet have been too much to handle for most. We want to let people know that no matter how dark it seems, how lost it you are - there is always a way.
During such times, we as an organization understand our responsibility towards the society and our people. We know that each life matters and hence we try to protect them to the best of our ability.
Vyora Herbals is trying to help all the sections of societies, especially the underprivileged ones with no proper access to services and resources.
● Vyora Herbals partnered with Express News, Durgapur and the NGO called Transitial, to provide palliative care to those in need. Vyora Herbals made sure that those who needed help received it at no cost. It provided food to the hungry as well in the region.
● Vyora Herbals also provided the medical team working in the area day and night to ensure the well-being of COVID patients, with masks, gloves and hand sanitizers (COVID-19 SAFETY KITS) to curb the spread of the fatal virus in those areas.
● We have also partnered with Aggarwal Dharmarth Hospital, New Delhi to provide 2100 beds for the banquet halls cum isolations wards created in Delhi.

We all are under a lot of mental pressure due to a wide range of reasons during the CORONA crisis. While we are already dealing with so much mentally, it is important that we keep ourselves physically fit, practice hygiene and remain in good shape to remain protect ourselves from COVID-19. Just in case we are infected we should be able to fight it out with our strong immune system. VYORA HERBALS helps you achieve exactly that. It is a herbal ayurvedic brand that manufactures natural, organic and high-quality hand sanitizer, immune booster capsules, health supplements and COVID-19 safety kits in India. Vyora Herbals Products That Help You Fight Coronavirus Better

● Vyora Herbals manufactures high-quality herbal and natural hand sanitizers, a variety of surgical masks and COVID-19 Safety Kits at reasonable prices in Delhi and other places in India, online.
● We also manufacture international-quality, 100% organic immune booster capsules that work towards building strong immunity that aids your strong fight against COVID-19.
● Our natural extracts from fruits, leaves of therapeutic plants like Moringa etc also provide relief from stress, anxiety and depression along with working towards building a top-notch physical and mental health.

Our products are made with organic raw materials that are crafted into easily-consumable products for your daily life. Vyora Herbals herbal extracts, fruit powders and health supplements are devoid of any harmful man-made chemicals. The variety of our products is unmatched by any other brand in the same segment. Our clients and customers swear by the benefits of our products and services - This brings us immense joy and satisfaction in what we do as a brand. For us, human life is way more important than profit-making. Our value system lies in caring, nurturing and thriving together. We know that together we rise and divided we fall. We stand with this nation in our fight against COVID-19. We stand with our customers. We stand with you. Because we care for you.
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